There isn’t nothing inherently wrong with using something like Windows OS to power Kisok display, there are definite use cases for it.

Keyword: Inherently.

The devil is in the details, specifically in the configuration of the devices.

Everything, if done right, could be configured to prevent annoying little Windows dialog pop-ups and errors.

Hell, if you are running a nice little Windows network, the process is actually quite simple.

Its just that too many people configure things incorrectly too many times simply because “out-of-the-box”, Windows will do stuff like this.

It does stuff like this for a reason, because it is intended as an operating system and presumes that someone would be, y’know, operating it.

This I believe is more of a failure in Project Management, failure to account for failure.

It should be a very basic core requirement for:

• Output to be visual only, with no other OS output
• Content and Data be managed on a separate device or network, passing the info.

The sad thing is, it would take less than a day of foresight and configuration to prevent these little problems which are humiliating.