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Ah! Valkee! For the last few years I've been blogging about this "miracle cure" for depression - in 2011 I called Valkee a technology scam and last year Valkee's website was found to be misleading the public.

They claim that by sticking a light in your ear, you can cure both depression and cancer. These are dangerous quacks who need to be stopped.

Earlier this year, the Finnish TV show "MOT" did a rather detailed exposé of Valkee:

Valkee won the "Hoax Prize" from the Finnish Sceptics' Society.

The Finnish health watchdog has already severely chastised Valkee and forced them to change their misleading adverts.

So, Valkee haven't provided any proof that their "invention" works - the few trials they've claimed to have performed remain unpublished. They've been slapped down by both health and advertising regulators.

Recently, a fully independent study looked at whether sticking lights in people's ears had any effect on them... The results are unsurprising: Extraocular light via the ear canal does not acutely affect human circadian physiology, alertness and psychomotor vigilance performance.

Valkee is a swindle. They're preying on people with mental illnesses and giving them false hope. Their claims to be able to cure cancer and Parkinson's Disease are particularly despicable.

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