All part of the continuing End of Civilization as We Know It - thank you for cheering me up so! (Do these guys realise that they are Miles Dyson and his sidekicks? Maybe they do and are relying on the fact that the Merchant Ivory League are not going to ping a rampaging android back though time to stop them ... unless it looks like Wallace Shawn and is only capable of a pudgy slap to the face).

I guess the only hope is that some business brains will invoke some guff about long tails and market segmentation and so on, and spec out a business model that allows a kind of "craft beer" solution for the Werner Herzogs and Lynne Ramseys of the future to make films that deliver surprise and delight. Probably restricted to 59 minutes and using the production facilities of Next Media Animation, but beggars, choosers, the market will always deliver what we want, what we really really want.