QR Codes in the Hardware Store

I'm a big fan of QR codes. A few years ago, I did some work for a major UK retailer who wanted to put QR codes on some of their DIY products. Rather than ship expensive instructions with each item, there would be a QR code on the packaging which linked directly to a video explaining how to use whatever it was you'd just purchased. The idea was a success and is now helping them cut costs - even in their after-sales service.

It's always nice when other companies imitate your success - and it's always amusing when they fall slightly short of the mark.

Lots of items in stores have QR codes on them. There's a limit to how much information you can cram onto packaging. It gives the customers more information, helps them buy the right product, and reduces the number of questions they ask a sales assistant. QR FTW?
QR Hidden by packaging

If you look closely at the above package, you'll see a QR nestled in the corner. Sadly, the plastic around is is deforming it.
QR Deformed by packaging
This, of course, renders the code completely unscanable.

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One thought on “QR Codes in the Hardware Store

  1. says:

    Scanning this code actually provides directions to the nearest A&E after you've gashed your hand trying to open the impenetrable plastic case.

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