Should MPs have to publicly display who pays them?

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There's a popular meme which resurfaces every so often. Politicians who have accepted campaign contributions should be required to to wear those "sponsor's" logos names during all official duties and visits to constituents. The size of a logo or name would vary with the size of a donation. This is often called the Nascar proposal… Continue reading →

YouGov Leaking Clients' Information?

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I've always wondered if it's possible to tell who has commissioned a particular survey on YouGov. When you read a question like "Would Boris Johnson make an awesome Prime Minister?" it would be interesting to know whether it's Cameron getting his knickers in a twist, or Milliband sowing the seeds of discord. One survey I… Continue reading →

A New Life for QRpedia

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The QRpedia project I helped found has gone from strength to strength. It's now in more museums, towns, and art galleries than ever before. It's helping open up exhibits to people in hundreds of languages. That said, I've not been able to devote as much time as I would like to - nor have other… Continue reading →

Is rehearsed comedy "real"?

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In 2012 I think I saw the comedian Richard Herring 6 times. I saw him in a mixture of his own shows, gigging with other comedians, and on game shows. He's great - a brilliant wordsmith, and frighteningly clever - but after watching him half a dozen times, the cracks began to show. What seemed… Continue reading →

Why Do Companies Still Use Microsoft Windows For Displays?

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As I was exiting Oxford Railway Station, I glanced at this screen showing the bus departure times. Notice anything odd about it? *sigh* Yet again someone has shoehorned Microsoft Windows into a product it is completely unsuitable for. Why does a screen which displays a fairly basic set of information need to be running on… Continue reading →

iOS Only Kills - Open Data Saves Lives

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A slightly tongue-in-cheek title for quite a serious subject. The South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust have a list of emergency defibrillators available for public use. To help raise awareness, they've released an app... Our new app, which locates over 600 AEDs, could help you save the life of a person suffering sudden cardiac… Continue reading →

Hacking Around With Network Cameras

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I was recently given 3 rather locked-down network cameras. Each camera was pre-programmed to communicate with a specific website, and only attach to a predefined wireless access point. Naturally, there was no supplied username or password. I thought about how I might get access. Using a man-in-the-middle attack to sniff the password, or trying to… Continue reading →

Vegetarian Prisons

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I once read an excellent article which asked the seemingly simple question "Is Kosher food Halal?" It's worth a read to understand the politics, religion, cultural assumptions, ecclesiastical law, and bigotry behind the two systems of approved food. To me, the argument is a bit like saying "Who would win in a fight - Chewbacca… Continue reading →

Podcast Showdown - Mobile Industry

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I've started listening to a lot of podcasts recently. My commute has got a bit longer, which means that I have much more time to spend sitting in traffic listening to interesting things. I'd like to review some of the pocasts which fill my commute with joy and wonder! Today's episode: Mobile Industry Shennanigans! I'm… Continue reading →

Use Peak Schedule Email To Improve Your Work Life Balance

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Like many people, I used to be a slave to my work inbox. It's hard to maintain a decent work/life balance when you're receiving business emails during evenings and weekends. Sometimes it's due to a workaholic colleague, or someone in a different timezone, or just those damned automated reminders from the finance system. I don't… Continue reading →