Passive Aggressive Note - my name is spelt "T-E-R-E-N-C-E"

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...not Terance, Terrence, Terrance, Terense, Tarance, or any other variation.

"Terence" is spelt with one T, a thrice of Es, and a single R, N, and C.

The letter A should be conspicuous by its absence.
The letter R is an only child.
The letter S has no place in my name.

Those people caught transgressing these very simple rules with be placed on The List.

FFS! My name is on the email I sent you, I sign off with it, it's there on my work pass, at the top of my blog, etc. Do I actually need to get it tattoo'd upon my forehead before you take notice?

Usually I reply by intentionally misspelling the the offender's name in my reply "Thanks Jannet" - perhaps now I'll just send them this blog post!

6 thoughts on “Passive Aggressive Note - my name is spelt "T-E-R-E-N-C-E"

  1. Jo Rabin aka Ms Joe Rayburn and worse says:

    A lifetime of people addressing me as "Joe" has inured me to this (yeah, sure, it's there for them to see in the email header) - plus, there are only 5 letters in my last name, easy to get wrong, it would seem.

  2. I get this badly too. Even from people I have known for years *coughcoughcountpackula*

  3. Edam?
    No, Eden - as in garden of ......
    Oh, go away!

  4. Denny says:

    I sympathise... years of being called Danny 🙂 Recruitment agents seem to be the worst culprits, even thought they have both my email address and my CV or LinkedIn profile to go by. Not that any of them seem to read CVs, I suppose.

  5. Ha Terry, that's exactly my revenge tactic too. Nobody ever notices though.

  6. Try being called "Razzell" mate. And that's pronounced to rhyme with gazelle, not to sound like a certain top shelf magazine.

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