Hey, I have a few Sercomm cameras and have been able to reset them and get them up and working via the API. I've come across a snag, though, when trying to set up motion detection and have it email me an alert. The email is setup correctly (I've already tested that) and the cameras are triggering the email when motion is detected. My problem is that they are skipping the email for some reason? The log says this....
"Action(EMAIL) of event name(event_pir) has been skipped because system resource is busying now.[event type: pir (bundle motion)]
Event triggered by pir (bundle motion)."
I'm not sure why it is saying the "system resource is busying now"? What's odd is that I had this working at one point where it would send me a recording of the motion detection via email but now it's not working. Could anyone shed some light on how to fix this issue?