I have several of the iCamera 1000s and find them to be pretty versatile for the $30.00 ea they've been going for on eBay.

One think I found in addition to the wealth of knowledge above, is not only can you force 1280720 in H264 (http://"IP"/adm/set_group.cgi?group=H264&resolution=4) and get high resolution JPEGS (http://"IP"/adm/set_group.cgi?group=JPEG&resolution=4) but you can also stream in 1280720 in MJPEG!

I don't know the command line, but if you use "Inspect Element" on the Video Streamings page you can see the hidden resolutions. Really easy to figure out, right click, edit as HTML, delete a few characters at the beginning and end of each string so they look like the others and voila. 1280*720 appears in the drop down box. Select, save, & have a beer.

There are also other hidden menu items in other versions of the firmware for other cameras. I/O config, De-warping, Speaker set up.... Have fun!