I have a couple hundred Schlage WCE100 that are great cheap cams. Xan/8021 Sercom. I have the firmware update utility and the NorthQ firmware to make them generic. However using them with the Nexia/Schlage system things have now changed. The Nexia people have updated their system to not update their own cameras with the original firmware. Instead they require you to send it to them for $39.99 and they will do it for you. I have many cameras that need to have the firmware updated off the factory default so they will update to the most recent firmware automatically. Nexia has a ton of theese cameras on their sys and supports them as long as they at some time had the firmware updated off the default Ver 1.0.03R01. The current Ver is 1.0.20. The reason I bought this qty of cameras is that I knew they would always be supported as long as the supported the other 300,000. Because of the proprietary firmware. I have experimented with may cams and find that as long as the firmware was updated off the default some time in the past the system will update to the most recent no problem. If I could extract the new version from any of the working ones I could update the firmware myself (i believe) . I have hooked up to the a usb and watched the linux boot on a old and new version but have no understanding. They just did this and caught me off balance here. Did you make any progress on dumping the flash from the 8021? Best Regards, Tim