I have a RC 8221 and an willing to send it to you.. this post was very helpful. although I am still a little lost. would I send you some $ and a return post? let me know. thanks.

Pete - sorry for the late reply. I'm glad the post was helpful. The bottom line is, using a hardware flasher to "upgrade" the firmware is a bit tedious and beyond most people's abilities; if you don't understand what was said, you'll want to have someone who does handle it.
If you're willing to send it to me for the process, all I ask is that you pay postage both ways. My time isn't particularly valuable to me, I won't ask for you to pay for me to do the modification. I just enjoy playing around with these things. You can reach me at DaninFuchs (at) gmail (dot) com - we can discuss things in more detail there, not really comfortable posting my name and address in a public location such as this.