Alright, I've had an influx of requests because Lowes pushed a firmware update that seems to be inhibiting people's use of their hardware. You're not renting this junk from Lowes, you own it, even if they neutered it first. I wanted to keep this private, because to my knowledge this is not "in the wild" but Lowes is pushing my hand.

Login details;
Isername: alertme
Password: nFQTEm*s67uxuF**a2vAth7RoJ
(I'll repost in a different manner if the blog eats it somehow.)

I've got reports that this works for Lowes Iris branded RC8221 and OC821 cameras. They're yours. Use them like you want. I realize someone is probably going to use this for dark purposes, but it wouldn't be necessary if Lowes hadn't locked you all out of your own hardware. They lit the fire, they can deal with the aftermath. You're welcome, Internets.