I couldn't get the camera (Sercomm RC8221) to connect wirelessly to my Asus router. So, I decided to piggy back the Alarm company router (Sercomm IP1006RR N-router) to the Asus and see what would happen. Sure enough the Sercomm router and camera connected within seconds. I went to the Camera live image page and was able to view wirelessly. I'm guessing the camera's connection settings are hard coded into the firmware as the network info I recorded in the camera's Network / Wireless page seemed to do nothing.

Attempting another angle, I found the user manual (via FCC id) and attempted to access router management through it's IP addy and the factory default ID / password. No luck. When connected to my PC there's no IP address to found for the router....at all. This leads me to believe it's set up as an access point.

When I connect the Sercomm router to the Asus router, the Asus dynamically assigns an IP address to the Sercomm but I still can't gain access. I just get page can't be loaded...as if it's a bad address.

I'm tempted to bring the Sercomm router back to factory settings but fear I may lose all settings needed to connect to the camera. Then I'm have nothing to work with.

BTW, I use an App which seems to work very nicely called TinyCam. The free version is pretty much enabled. For $3.99 you get the Pro version and no ads.

Feedback is welcome.