Hi all:

Great blog! I scavenged a camera from an estate sale and finally took the time to try and make operational. Thanks to this blog I was able to piece together most of the setup info.

The Camera is marked as a ISEE-VCWLG. I found that it is a SERCOMM camera through the FCC ID P27YL500. I was finally able to gain access to the Admin software via the IP Addy appended with /adm/file.cgi.

I'm at the point where I have everything working via the NIC cable connection but cannot figure out how to get the wireless to work.

In the Network section of the Admin panel I see the correct address of the Primary DNS server (Asus RT-N56U).

In the Wireless section i have the following:

WSC PIN Code:-----(Pin code for the Camera is here)
Network Type:-------Infrastructure (other option is Ad Hoc)
SSID:------------------ID for my Home Network
Channel No:---------Auto

Security System:----WPA/WPA2 Personal (as per my Asus setup)
Shared Key:----------("Password" to log into the Asus based network is here)

With this info saved I disconnect the power from the camera, unplug the NIC cable and reconnect power. This is per the manual from the FCC site. Power must be disconnected in order to disconnect from hard wire connection. FWIU, reconnecting puts it into wireless mode. However, all I get is the blinking power LED and nothing on the Network LED.

I'm stumped at this point as I can't get the wireless connection to initiate.

Can anyone shed some light on my situation?

Many thanks in advance.