I have four Lowes RC8221 and two OC821. Since I am giving up on Lowes Iris HUB (moving to Smartthings) I would like to hack into these cameras and use EyeSpy247.com service or code them to work with my Smartthings. I am very smart about things but I do not have any real knowledge about these hacks, coding, upload or flashing devises.

I am willing to pay, trade and help anyone here. I could just give up these cameras and move to the next model. or we can work on them.

1. Can you share the administrator id and Lowes passcode for these device.
2. Can you explain how to flash or upload new firmware that would give me the UI interface or point to Eyespy247.com service.

you can email me directly at CharlesEscutia@me.com if you would prefer.

I think hacking into these cameras and using a firmware and the open source coding from Smarthings could get these working.