I have the RC8025-ADT Cameras. I reset them, and I am able to use iSpy with them, but only hardwired. Like many of you I am trying to get into it so I can change the configuration.

I don't reckon anyone has leveraged these and made it work

1. I reset it
2. tried the IP directly (just got a 404)
3. tried the ip /adm (after much reviewing this site) and I actually did (twice) get prompted for the user name and password. I tried administrator with no password but didn't work.
4. I was going to try to reset and get it connected super fast in case it was autochanging, but ever since I reset it again.. the website never prompts me for a password (wondering if somehow my PC cached it , so going to reboot
5. I have a separate router, which I am setting up for my laptop and this camera so it has NO way to get to the internet to change anything, maybe that will work. The router will have DHCP enabled.

I am super hopeful as I have 6 of these and 4 of the OC810 ADT cameras and am forgoing ADT (cost too much) for our local security + I want to self monitor these cameras with iSpy

Reset made it work for iSpy.. but wireless is my next goal