I've never seen that camera, so I can't say much about the web interface, and I've got zero experience with the SMTP options on this device. I'll get back with you if I can help.

I'll leave the URLs I found for my camera's current config - try pointing firefox at the http:// ones, and VLC or MPC or some such program at the rtsp:// ones..if they work, try to find an Android app that lists the protocol for that URL. The first two .sav files can be suffixed with '?channel=2' (or 0 or 1 or whatever else, for how many streams your camera supports at once. Typically 0 thru 2)

rtsp:// - MPEG4, 15fps, audio (corrupt with different codec)
rtsp:// - MPEG4, 15fps, no audio
rtsp:// - No video, audio only - 1280x720 (H264) - 640x480 (JPEG) - 1280x720 (JPEG) (MJPEG) (MJPEG) (MJPEG)