Flo - I'll be of limited help, since my camera has no web UI whatsoever, but I do know enough to answer some of it.

1) It appears that some options are removed in some rebrandings. If you don't show those options, it may be that your rebranded firmware has that feature removed. Do you know the origin of this camera? (Lowes Iris, Eyespy247, etc..) That'll help people figure out how to help you.
2) That depends which streams are enabled. My camera defaulted to a video-only MPEG-4 stream, and two video-only H264 streams - after reconfiguring it, it now has a video-only MJPEG stream, an MPEG-4 video stream with audio, and an H264 video-only stream. You'll need to know which streams are enabled, and find an app on Android that supports it - I know that with the Firefox browser you can just point right at the MJPEG stream and not even need an app, but there are likely other - better - solutions out there. If you aren't sure how to determine what streams are enabled, I'll do what I can to help you figure that out.