(Sorry in advance for the long post, but I think it'll be worth reading.)

I realize that this post has been dead for a while now, but I wanted to let you know that I've got an RC8221 (Lowe's Iris model, aquired second-hand with no software or documentation) that had me confounded on configuring. I decided to go for an approach that I haven't seen before - hardware. I pulled the Flash chip, dumped it, broke it into its MTD partitions, and acquired the login credentials as well as a complete filesystem dump. I've also found that there's a factory "update" mode and it forces the camera to Ethernet IP (and starts a webserver) for uploading firmware images, easily triggered with no additional tools - unfortunately, not a raw image, must have some form of header that I don't yet know... The username on my Lowes device is 'alertme' (makes sense, since the Iris hub is rebranded AlertMe hardware) and the password is a fairly random string, however it is stored plaintext in the firmware in two locations. I'm fairly confident that the same is true of ALL RC8221 cameras, due to its structure and placement, and I'm also confident (based upon the filesystem and config partitions storing the same password) that it's NOT encoded per-camera, more likely per-rebranding.

To replicate my attempts, you'll need soldering skill, a Bus Pirate (hardware) and Flashrom (software), a serial terminal program (putty/minicom/etc) as well as a hex editor or Linux knowledge. I'd be willing to trade - my knowledge on how to do this for a dump of someone's non-Lowes firmware....of course, if someone asks, I'd be more than willing to share my knowledge without the trade.

Using a hex editor, I was able to change the streams that're enabled, their default settings, resolutions, framerates, etc...as well as making WPS work to set up wireless. Also, to the original content creator here - the speaker output seems to be turned off by default in the firmware via config entry, which I switched on...haven't tested its functionality, but if you're interested in conversing I'll give it a shot..

My biggest frustration, though, is that the Lowes Iris firmware has stripped out the Web UI in its entirity! There is NO web config here, unless I'm just doing it wrong. This is why I need a copy of someone's firmware or temporary access to their device - I'm confident I can toss it on this device to fix that.

If anyone still has an RC8221 and the required equipment (or would be willing to send it to me for a few days) I'd like to collaborate on unlocking my device further, or just share the knowledge of course. I have no blog of my own, and don't care to start one for a single post about an outdated device. Comment here and we'll figure out a way to talk.

What I need, ideally - I'm especially interested if you have any of the following;
A firmware dump of someone's non-Lowes RC8221
Physical access to someone's non-Lowes RC8221
Someone who has the right tools, and a non-Lowes RC8221
A firmware update file from ANY Sercomm device, ideally an RC8221

Thanks for taking the time to read this.