like many posts i've found on the internet, we have a newly purchased home that came with an at&t digital life system. after much digging around, i've finally nailed down how the wiring works. i cannot, however, figure out how to get access to the camera login. i've tried hitting the reset button on the back, but either it's just not resetting, or something else is wrong.
the hardware i have is sercomm rp131 WPS-POE ports (2 of these, one for each camera). they also had sercomm powerline Y cable adapters plugged in, but they were only using the power ports on these to connect to the camera's ac power. i guess they used this as a backup for power, but i'm not really sure.

the cameras are sercomm OC-432's. there is also the DLC-100 unit with another sercomm powerline, but i'm ignoring that one for now.

i have one POE (rp131) connecting to my new internet router, with the ethernet from that going into one of the cameras. the camera's light goes green, so i think it's connected. the 2nd POE isn't connecting to my router yet, so the camera connected to that is just flashing blue right now.

the problem here is that the POE units are not showing up with an IP on my router. i can find the powerline units with an IP, which is interesting, but no ip from the rp131 unit. if i plug the ethernet from the powerline into that camera, it doesn't seem to connect (stays blue flashing light).

has anyone had experience with any of this hardware? do you have any suggestions on that to try next? i feel like it's just a matter of forcing a reset on these, but the reset button doesn't feel like it goes down any when i stick anything in that hole.