Hi, I recently acquired a used iCamera-1000 from Ebay and found that (I think) the firmware is corrupted. The camera powers up initially like my other iCamera-1000s with all 20 IR LEDs lit and the power light going solid green for about 20 seconds and then it begins steadily blinking a bit less than 2x/sec. The difference is it will continue blinking for as long as I let it (hours, maybe days or weeks) with no other lights activating. Pressing and holding the reset button for >8 second then releasing does nothing. It does not appear to obtain an IP address so I cannot communicate with it through my network. I have other iCamera-1000s and have been able to reset them successfully and play around with the settings as well as use some of the API commands. I suspect this camera's firmware is hosed...any ideas how I might reflash it short of removing the MXIC flash chip? Thanks!