I was referring to injecting power to the XCam through the Cat5 ethernet cable. I'm assuming all cat5 cables use the same color code. Information in the XCam user manual shows that the XCam does have a standard rj45 port (dongle) and power is injected into the camera through the use of a Y cable and power adapter, just like most of the other Serrcom cameras. Also the XCam can be used with internet connectivity through the rj45 Ethernet connection instead of the wifi connection. The XCam is a Serrcom camera and I have used this setup before on other Serrcom cameras.

It's really simple to test if my method works on your cameras. Take a cat5 patch cord and slice into it. Cut the blue and the white/ brown wires. Connect a 12v power supply to the cut wires on the side of the cable that plugs into the camera --> 12v+ on the blue wire and 12v- on the brown/white wire. Connect the end of the cat5 cable where you spliced in the power to the Xcam rj45 dongle. Connect the other end to your computer. Power everything up and you should see a light come on on the camera (if it has a status light). There's lots of references on this blog to guides on how to reset your camera to factory specs, how to access the camera's settings and how to view the camera from a browser or media player.