Celeb Hypocrisy on Twitter

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OMG! Some star ***LOVES*** Samsung. Back when Twitter started, they used to advertise which Twitter clients people used. You could see that Stephen Fry preferred Feathers, and that I used Dabr. All was well. Then, of course, Twitter went to war with its third party developers. They cut their API limits, reduced their functionality, and… Continue reading →

Does The Times Care About Mobile Users?

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Some days, I think it must be fantastic to work for an organisation which just doesn't care any more. The sort of place which thinks, "sod it, it's not like we need more readers or more money." That is, I imagine, what it's like to work for The Times. For the last 3 years, The… Continue reading →

Review: The Art of the Brick

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While we were in New York City, we went to see Nathan Sawaya's The Art of The Brick. The artist uses Lego as his medium, and the art he produces is breathtaking. The mixture of 2D and 3D is incredible. But there are aspects of the exhibition which left me with questions about the nature… Continue reading →

3D Printed Coins

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It goes without saying that counterfeiting coins is illegal. Sir Isaac Newton when he was Master of the Mint, had people hanged or tortured for illegally producing coins. So, don't do it, ok! That said, coins are very useful as calibrators for 3D printers. They come in various shapes, sizes, and thickness. More importantly, it's… Continue reading →