I got another, and was sent this info with it

Nook HD – Skipping Registration Page
After a Nook Simple Touch has been erased it will ask to be registered.
However because Nook have closed the registration website this registration page has been skipped.
All you need to do is connect it to your wireless network to use it.
If you reset the devise yourself follow the instruction below to skip registration.
1. Turn on the Nook
2. At the welcome screen hold down the button on the top right side of the Nook and at the same time slide your finger across the bottom of the screen from left to right
3. You should now see a Factory link on the screen,
press this link
4. On the factory screen hold down the same button (top right) and at the same
time tap the bottom right of the screen
5. You should now see a Skip Oobe link on the bottom right, press this link
6. You will now be able to use the Nook Simple Touch without registering it.
Import Notes for Charging the devise.
The Nook has to be switched to the “ON” position before it will begin charging.
You can see an amber LED on the bottom of the devise next to the USB connector which
confirms that it is charging.