So I’ve tried the Erase and Deregister Device, connected to my network, but I got message – ‘Deregistration failed (AD1133). Local reset will not be attempted…’. I guess because there were no B&N servers to contact.

To get over that I found this on
•Turning off the Nook off completely
•Turning it on
•As soon as you see the screen flash begin holding the bottom page turn buttons until the screen flashes with a message asking if you would like to do a reset
•Press the ‘n’ key twice to start the reset
•Turn the Nook off
This then fully reset to the Nook to a ‘out of the box’ condition.

•Turn the Nook on
•Select what language you want to use
•On the next screen, hold down the top right page turn button and swipe the top of the screen from left to right…etc as you describe above

This got me to the stage of copying the downloaded book (using BorrowBox/Adobe Digital Editions v3.0 via our library service) into the books folder. I clicked on the book only to get User not activated! So close I feel but not quite there yet.

hmm! just thought I’ve connected to my wi-fi again but I didn’t need to do that did I. Could that have upset things again? Any ideas