Lambeth's Brilliant QR Codes

Strolling along London's Southbank the other day, I came across one of those new-fangled information posts. Crudely stuck to it was a decidedly old-fashioned piece of paper bearing a planning notice.

Lambeth QR Planning Poster

But! My my! What's that in the lower left corner? A QR code!

Lambeth QR Detail

Unsurprisingly, scanning the code takes you directly to the planning application on the web. Although the site isn't specifically designed for mobile, it's light weight enough to access even on a low powered phone. The planning application lets you view and make comments, read the planning application and any associated documents, and track its progress. All rather nifty!

This is close to a perfect use-case for local government use of QR technology.

  • QR codes are free (libre and gratis) meaning there's no extra expense for tax payers.
  • Increases engagement with the community.
  • Reduces friction between citizens and state.
  • There's a great call to action (although I got confused when it said "view the application" and thought it might try to install something on my phone!)

So, well done Lambeth for trying something innovative.

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