Brightening Up The Office – TARDIS Lanyards

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The only jewellery it seems acceptable for a modern man to wear is a discreet wedding ring, and a corporate necklace.

I’ve long since given up wearing a tie – why trust a man who voluntarily wraps a noose around his neck? – but as a sop to modern work-wear I have a security badge dangling from a lanyard.

The lanyards that work hands out are unspeakably corporate – and the ones I’ve picket up at conferences are strewn with logos of companies who couldn’t pay me to advertise them. I need something… special.

Luckily, my friend and neighbour runs Jenny Wren Creates. She specialises in making bespoke, geeky, and reasonably priced thingamijigs.

Tardis Lanyard

Beautiful! (The lanyard, not me!)
Terence Wearing Tardis Lanyard

Jenny is selling the lanyards for £7 + P&P.

She also has a Police Box with a darker pattern:
Dark Tardis Lanyard

And space invader wallets:

Space Invader Wallet

Snap ’em up quick!

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