I’ve been thinking a lot about this too. For the past two years I’ve been using Google Doc/Drive and it suits my needs perfectly until there’s a problem, either on Google’s servers or with my ISP or anywhere in between. Recently it seems like Google’s been having problems and it’s just so frustrating when I can’t get my own files. Fortunately I only work with words downloading all my texts is not so hard. I worry about the long-term fitness of cool apps like Draft when there is no easy option to run them locally.

Thanks expecially for the rsync recomendation, It seems like something that will suit my needs very well. I hope your article gets out and gets people thinking about the services they use. This reminds me of the old Nokia n810, which had an open source operating system. After Nokia completely dropped support for the OS the community stepped in and released updates and even added functionality as recently at 2010. That is the sort of long term support that is extremely useful to a low-end computer user like myself.