Podcasting on the Voicemail

My new commute involves a lot of driving, which means I've started listening to podcasts again. One of my favourite mobile related podcasts is The Voicemail - it's a quick half hour chat between two mobile industry experts; Stefan Constantinescu and James Whatley.

Stefan has been travelling for the last few weeks, so James has been co-hosting with guests. I've never recorded a podcast before, so I badgered James for a guest slot and, last night, we recorded episode 40 of The Voicemail.

If you're an iMusic fan, listen to The Voicemail in iTunes - and please rate the show if you enjoyed it.
You can subscribe to the podcast feed.
Or, you can grab the MP3 of Episode 040 directly. (31.30 MB)

I say "y'know" a lot. That's very annoying.

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