OK, points in the article about overdoing stuff are well made.

But, arg. Obviously the right is the original and the left is the resized one. Don’t look at the arena which is scaled down in both, look at the buttons, icons and text. Button edge is 1 pixel gray line with 1 pixel white inner edge and a 1 pixel drop on the bottom. It is crisp and has the clean iconic look. On left, this has been blurred, the right edge of the button is especially abysmal. Likewise the gear, it’s pixel art, on the left it’s blurred. Text is already antialiased so resampling it doesn’t damage it too much. The stadium oddly pickly up a white halo on the left, probably after resampling they applied a sharpening filter that caused that.

Should you redesign icon and other art that uses 1 pixel lines and shading? Yes. Does it make it seem higher quality? Yes. Should you fiddle endlessly with everything? No.