Yes, you are crazy! (but not for this reason) 😉 kidding… anyway, yes, in my opinion, well I have to say my experience of design and sometimes from an inside view is that you do get a lot of emperor’s new clothes (I will probably be struck down for admitting that) and the challenge is to balance the developers wanting to get stuff done and out the door with the designers need to dust and look it over again and again and again until they are thinking on a different level (not always useful)… The thing is though you’ve got to understand where we are coming from… graphics is a branch off of fine art and as we know fine artist can create anything and give it a deep and meaningful meaning. This has been ridiculed but also praised, quite rightly. All designers are perfectionists; try and let a serif out the door or a logo in slightly the wrong place before it’s ready and we will literally start a typeface-off! Now I don’t work in design anymore I tend to find it works quite well, not being given ownership for any design (it’s not my job) but thinking through the development of a project from a more developer side and using design-perfectionism to make things the best they can be within limitations 9stopping things before they go out too quicikly), it is good to see things from a developer/non-designer side and I do think that this is important for any designer and developer. Perhaps they should try this at google? As David Gentleman once said at a lecture I went to, ‘the kite needs the string’… but before we bash designers too much, the string also needs the kite (string-flying is not aethestically pleasing or indeed even a little thrilling) 🙂