I have gone on and off with deactivating fb for most of the reasons mentioned above. I think especially if you tend toward depression/anxiety it aggravates it. I recently got semi involved with fb again but it's highly controlled. I have a separate account with one friend (myself) so it doesn't get shut down. Still interestingly I get inundated with the company's pressure for me to add friends I don't even know--fu fb! I use this account to just read newsletters and favorite pages I don't have to be judged by anyone for liking. And I keep my original profile with a limited number of friends. I check it when I get invitations, read briefly those friends who don't post annoying self indulgent crap. I keep people who are generally humble people and we congratulate each other on milestones and accomplishments worth sharing. I post pictures of my nature walks. I don't post statuses anymore. I put the occasional quote. And I keep my family and friend tagged pictures for me and them to know about. I wonder if it took this much effort to make me feel somewhat able to cope, if it's worth it at all. I find that taking extended breaks is healthy and the best if I want to keep sane in a crazy world. Be careful what you let into the windows of your eyes. Let it be the most beneficial to you.