i agree that facebook makes you feel depressed and like a failure especially if you have depression or anxiety in real life. im in high school and when i see freshman getting over 200 likes on their profile pics im just like wow i feel devalued because i get like 10 while my friend just hit 100 so now i feel inferior because it seems like the world likes/approves of her more. also i hate when people post 20 selfies in a week, it's like you don't have friends you want fans... i think its a good tool to keep in touch or be able to contact people you haven't seen in forever though, even if you're just stalking them in secret. i deactivated my fb once for 5 months and it was actually worse because everyone had a fb and i felt more isolated from the social world. but then again when you post a photo or a status it's like AHHH im freaking out that it will get no likes, also keeping your wall updated is really stressful because it's hard to get a bunch of people to post on your wall regularly if you don't have that many friends. anyways i think facebook is like a ying yang thing, you need balance and tact and not to over do it but you should use it if everyone else has one because you can't run away from the social world altogether and expect to be happy.