I woke up this morning to the crowing post of a multiply-published bad writer, who irks the hell out of me, so I understand where you're coming from, believe me... but it sounds to me like you had a week of completely abandoned self-indulgence. Enjoy it. It also sounds to me like before this week of completely abandoned self-indulgence (during which time you probably gave your already overworked braincells a rest) you were very busy. Fuck FB. It's the perfect medium for narcissists and overachiever-wannabes who thrive on making everyone else feel bad about themselves. Achievement is not measured by tweets or twits. "Status," as in "what's yours?" is akin to needing to measure one's dick in public. Unnecessary and crass. I like FB for business and advertising, because it's a great eyes-on venue, but that's it.