you're totally right.
see the link i've mentioned above.

but on a personal level:
why don't you give a shit about it when people (connected to you) are posting nice or depressing stuff on social media?

did you have a great 2012? awesome!
you did not? well, 2013 is going to be great.

just don't care about what people are saying about their lives on fbook etc. if their lives would have been that great: they wouldn't even have had the time to tell YOU about it in on some sort of social media channel. they just would have enjoy it.

they love their momentum. they live from it. but their self esteem tends to be that low, that they definitely need a role model or – maybe even better – a trendsetter to tell them if they are on the right track.

they just need the right like or comment abouth their new partner, shoe, party, friend, restaurant or holiday destination etc.

but they're just insecure. that's why they post this childish crap.
they hope that you or someone else is giving them a legitimation or at least probs.

well, sad for them.
do you give it for them? that's very nice of you.
but for yourself: do you need it?

do you need appreciation from all of your XXXXXX facebook "friends"?

i don't think so.