QR and NFC Living In Harmony?

Can you spot anything interesting on this poster?

Yes, there in the corner - living in blissful harmony are a QR code and an NFC tag.

There's an excellent call-to-action which even works for people without either a QR reader or NFC scanner.

The destination is this mobile friendly landing page. Of course, you should still boycott Nestle due to their contributing to the unnecessary death and suffering of infants around the world by aggressively marketing baby foods in breach of international marketing standards..

The NFC and QR have different URLs - which should allow the marketing team to see which performed better.

I've been harshly critical of NFC in the past - but this does show a future for both of them.

...And Now...

A few months later, and we can see a flaw in the plan. NFC requires close contact with the phone, so can't be placed on the poster behind the perspex. So it has been stuck on the poster frame.

Which, when the poster campaign moves on, leaves us with this unfortunate situation.

NFC, as I've said before, needs a call-to-action symbol. This project shows that a QR code could be the perfect way to do that. But, remember, whereas a QR code just needs black ink and white paper - and NFC tag requires a little more planning.

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