The Moon

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I’ve always been a bit obsessed with space. I think all true geeks are. It was probably Star Wars that set off my star lust. For the last few years, I’ve been pondering getting a telescope. Like many of my plans, it sat in the back of my head waiting for me to get off…

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Uber London – Poor Experiences

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Uber are a private taxi firm trying to get a hold of the lucrative London market. Their main selling point is an incredibly easy to use app, a fleet of luxury cars, and a hassle free experience. I agree with Paul Carr when he describes Uber’s crushing desire to “disrupt” as a fanatical form of…

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Instagram Got You Down? Don't Be Fooled By Flickr.

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Man! Instagram sucks! Let’s all move to Flickr! The Internet – December 2012 The same flickr which capriciously deletes the photos of paying customers? The same flickr which has catastrophic accidents? The same flickr who bans paying customers for commenting on political issues? The same flickr which one day decided that paintings and drawings weren’t…

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Why You Should Make Your QR Codes Unique

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Wandering around the steets of London, I came across this excellent initiative from Camden Council on how to use QR codes on street furniture. If you see that a light – or anything else – is damaged, you can scan the QR code and report the issue. There’s even a phone number and vanilla URL…

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The Silliest QR Code I've Seen

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I unashamedly love QR Codes. But every so often, I see one which makes me wonder if there should be some sort of licence for creating them 🙂 As I was walking around Camden the other day, I spotted this monstrosity. I figured with a code that dense, it probable contained a URL to a…

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More Fresh Wasabi In The UK

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A few months ago I reviewed the UK grown wasabi of The Wasabi Company. The good folk at Kazari saw my review and offered to send some of their wasabi to review. Their Kazari rhizomes are imported from Japan and America, and they’re about half the price of The Wasabi Company. After months of procurement,…

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Mitt Romney And Gun Control

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I wrote this before the Presidential election. I didn’t publish it because it looked like Obama was going to win without my help. Also, it feels unseemly to meddle in another country’s politics. Recent events have stirred me into posting. I don’t know much about Mitt Romney’s position on gun control. It doesn’t seem to…

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If You Have Nothing To Hide… You Still Have Something To Fear

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One of the most pernicious memes is “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” It implies that the only reasons for opposing a law is that you would find yourself guilty under it. The phrases is, I think, a contender for a new form of Godwin’s Rule. Any discussion about laws…

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BBC News Don't Get Responsive Design

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In October, I was interviewed in Econsultancy about the BBC’s new “responsive” website. I said: The BBC’s mobile site is fairly responsive. If you view it on different sized phones and tablets it adapts quite well. But it is an entirely separate site from the main BBC news site. The BBC are doing device detection…

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Android Security Cameras?

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For the last few years, I’ve been using Y-Cam security cameras to guard my home. I’ve stuck a couple up around the house. I can monitor what’s happening, get email alerts when movement is detected, and can stream the video to my phone. The latest versions also upload photos and videos directly to my server…

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