No One Scans QR Codes - Apart From These 25 Thousand People

Earlier this year, I blogged about seeing these QR codes appearing on some train tickets.

QR Codes on Train Tickets

The campaign itself wasn't that great - a poor call-to-action and a decidedly mobile-unfriendly site - but I was interested in how many people had scanned them. Thanks to's practice of exposing everyone's statistics, we can see exactly how well this campaign did.

QR Train Stats

Wow! Twenty-five thousand scans. It's not as good as Tesco's QR campaign (80k scans and counting) - but it's an interesting data point.

I don't know how many tickets these QR codes were printed on (I didn't see them on every ticket) so it's impossible to know the exact response rate. I do know that the cost of the codes was close to zero - black ink just isn't that expensive - and that part of the ticket isn't utilised for anything else.

QR codes aren't just for marketing hipsters from Shoreditch. They're increasingly popular with the British public, and I look forward to their continued use.

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