Coding For Kids - In Woking Library

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A few months ago, my friend Adam Cohen-Rose told me that Surrey Libraries were looking for a volunteer to help teach coding to kids.

So, after a few months of negotiations, demonstrations, CRB checks, and consultations - I'm now ready to run a pilot programme at Woking Library.
Coding For Kids Woking Library

Although I've written a few short stories about learning Python, this class will be entirely taught using Scratch.

It's been quite fun learning a new programming language. I really appreciate how simple the drag-and-drop interface is. It's also great that the language runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows. More importantly, it can be run from a USB stick - so the locked down machines of the library will have no problems running it.

I've written a demo game, learned most of what Scratch can do, and loaded up a dozen USB sticks with Scratch and other resources. Now all I need is for some kids to come along so I can fill their brains with a love of coding!

If you're interested in running a club at your school, or want to volunteer, visit

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