A (Nuclear) Blast From The Past

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As I was digging around some ancient back-up CDs, I happened across some of my early web pages. Way back in the mists of time, I was a member of the UEA Peace Society. As well as organising talk on campus, we occasionally went on protests. This page records the protest we took to Lekenheath - a local US military encampment.

As far as I can tell, this was part of the Citizens' Weapons Inspection project.

So, here it is, in all its unedited glory. I wonder where you all are now?

Protest at Lakenheath USAF 01 October 2000

On Sunday the 1st of October 2000, a group comprising of East Anglian CND members and UEA Peacesoc-ers (and a few of their friends) went to protest the Lakenheath Airbase which currently holds over 30 LIVE nuclear weapons.

We held a silent vigil outside the base, let incoming and outgoing base members see our demonstration and heard several talks about NATO and its contempt for international law and well-being.

Oh, and it stayed sunny, which was nice.

Here is my photo diary of the day.

Kate poses for the camera; Peace Man! It may interest you to know that this poster was held together with a mixture of gaffer-tape and chewing gum. Mmmm - minty fresh.


Kermit takes time out from his Tai Chi to look suitably puzzled by the proceedings.


This rather nice Policeman decided to film us (Hurrah! We're going to be movie stars, Ma!). So, I decided to repay the favour and imortalise him. And, yes, I did ask his permission.


Ahhh! What a lovely day for a protest.


Kathryn looked skeptical about the plans to attack the police with olives. How wrong she was!


As you can see - the base is protected by legislation dating back to 1842. If it was good enough for Victorian England, it's good enough for our Nukes!

Part of our road protest outside the base. A surprising number of motorists honked us in support, thanks guys.

And, after discussing our next move - we decided to go home!


Yes, well, that's it. Not much more to write. Thanks to everyone who showed up, to Kermit for the olives, Kate for chewing, Davina for smiling so much, Sue for driving, the Police for being nice and friendly, and Love and Hugs to anyone I forgot.

All we are saying is;


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