Interesting and distracting. I applaud your initiative. A couple of observations (not criticisms I hasten to add).

I found it difficult to get clear in my head which girl was which (probably due to lack of sleep more than anything else). No doubt this will sort itself out as the series continues. My son was slightly uncomfortable with the protagonists being all female and had to be persuaded that it was a mystery/game for everyone. Maybe a third male character at some point?

I liked the hint of mystery regarding the Father. (Will there be a prequel :-)?)

The first of set of Morse was fairly well spaced but the second was smaller and this led to transcription errors (exaggerated spacing would probably help for that).

Part way through my son asked me “Why didn’t they just write on the canvas rather than use code” I was unable to provide an explanation that satisfied him.

What do you think about adding a bit of hardware hacking in future episodes? It seems to be very popular on the RPi site.

“When’s the next one?” (Final comment from my son)