yours might be the best put argument I read on this.
I always thought that if this is the direction things are going, worthwhile artists will have to adapt to what they should also see as a positive trend. think back on the 80's for a clearer perspective - I don't have much sympathy for a musician who got sore over kids passing around his tapes, or a film maker who has an issue with video recorders. Tour more, work with smaller labels for bigger cuts, cut the assholes out of the business completely. Be a little poorer. Use the internet. Louis C K made a million (in two weeks) and counting from users volunteering to pay $5 per unencrypted download when they could probably get it on and off a torrent tracker easy.

Its simple for me: rent Cronenberg, download Cameron. then we see who gets more love.
If digital information turned out to be a much freer medium than what studios and record companies had foresight to see, it shouldnt be anyone elses problem. They standardized the thing, then they get upset over what it does.
The internet is a public library and there are copy machines in the basement. Just don't bind and sell the junk.