The Perils of URL Shortners

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I’m not a big fan of URL shortners –,,,, etc – I understand the need for them, but they seem to offer a fairly poor service in terms of privacy and usefulness. Take this recent example from Vodafone. Aside from the obvious downsides (user doesn’t know where the link will take…

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The End Is Nigh

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I’ve just seen this amazing short film – The End by Ted Evans Ted also has a blog which talks about all the awards The End has deservedly won. The premise of the film is simple – what if there was a cure for deafness? What if that cure was mandated? What if you refused?…

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I Have A Bacon Number of 3

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This is a very hard post for me to write. I’ve recently finished reading two autobiographies. Both cover the same story. A boy – a nerd – has success in the fickle world of acting. Both stories tell of series of choices made. In one, the boy soars to great heights. In the other, the…

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Network Effects

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I recently took a survey which asked how many hours per week I spent “online”. It struck me as a bizarre question. I am always online. Even when I am asleep, my phone is downloading email, my laptops are updating themselves, and my cameras are scanning for intruders. I realise that I am probably a…

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Helen Goodman MP is "Particularly Stupid"

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I remarked earlier about Helen Goodman MP and her total lack of technical knowledge. An MP being a bit behind the times isn’t the greatest shock – but she’s Labour’s Shadow Minister for Culture, Media, and Sport – that’s a big deal! This year, Claire Perry MP produced an “independent” report into online child protection.…

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If The Kindle is Sold at Break-Even, Why Doesn't Amazon Sell ePub?

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Amazon claims that it makes no money from the sale of Kindle eReader hardware. Looking at the prices of eink devices at wholesalers, this looks broadly accurate. They do seem to be selling at around wholesale cost – customers also get Amazon’s fabulous support, free software updates, and high quality manufacturing. Yet there is a…

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How Strengthening Security Can Weaken Security

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We all know that if you ask people to choose incredibly complex passwords which frequently change, they will write them down on a Post-It note*. I’ve recently discovered another way in which increasing perceived security reduces actual security. On one of my Android phones, I use pattern unlock. If I want access to my phone,…

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Apple – Death Through Familiarity

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I like predicting the death of the iPhone. I’ve been doing it since the device was first released – and I’m sure, one day, my doom-mongering will be proved correct! Apple is at an interesting nexus with its iPhone. It’s hugely popular, vastly profitable, beloved by millions, and plagiarised by its competitors. The only fly…

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Can Social Media Help You Get A Job?

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(I wrote this blog post in 2010. Given that I presented about this idea earlier this year, I thought it was time to publish it.) So, here’s a good story. Having just finished my contract with Touchnote, I was looking for work. A friend of mine tweeted… know any good mobile product manager? We're looking…

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Smuggling USB Sticks

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“This Is Not A Film” by Iranian director Jafar Panahi, who is under house arrest in his country for alleged “propaganda against the regime,” will be screened under the Free Jafar Panahi Program of the 13th Cinemanila. The film was smuggled from Iran in a Flash-Drive hidden inside a cake to Cannes for screening a…

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