If you decide to have children you'll realise it doesn't matter how good you are at installing software or 'spending time with your kids' (as you say above) - it's not what YOUR kids watch or do that's the problem. It what happens to them outside your home which you'll need to start thinking about.

Are you aware that 1 in 3 teenage girls (16-18) have experienced sexual violence, and that the rise in this figure directly correlates to the growth in children's access to extreme online porn - which the majority of young boys now access, unchecked.

Take a the following:
• ‘Young Men Using Pornography’ by Michael Flood in Everyday Pornographies, 2011, ed K Boyle.
• A qualitative study of children, young people and ‘sexting’, 2012, NSPCC .
• Factors at play in the perpetration of violence against women, violence against children and sexual orientation violence, 2011, Prof Hagemann-White et al .

Yes, you can install software in your home, but you can't do it in all the homes in your neighbourhood.

My personal theory is that once the tech-native generation grows up and has children we might have a more rewarding debate.