I agree, It shouldn't be a prerequisite to being an MP, having a wide and varied technical knowledge, but if your role involves making decisions about the internet, then you should know the basics at least, just as she should have been to at least one stage show and one sports event, being sports and culture minister.

I mean, really, would we let someone be in charge of Health who thought Homeopathy was a good ide- oh wait...

Putting that aside, this is the problem they had in the US - roomfuls of grumpy, out of touch old men, talking vaguely about 'this internet thing', decrying it for forcing porn and terrorism on kids, after recieving massive bribes from the pro copyright lobby, and then when they called experts in their field in to explain how it's not like that, dismissing them as 'nerds' for mentioning deep techy terms like 'webpage'.

Until we let experts have as much of a say in debates as we do fearmongering 'won't someone think of the children' loonies, we're going to keep getting stuffed.

As for parently software, none of it is half as effective as doing simple stuff like spending time with your kids instead of treating facebook as a babysitter.