This is far from an isolated case. Most of the time politicians aren't very technically knowledgeable about what they manage; politics is full of lawyers rather than engineers (I realize this isn't true for all countries). One could argue that our current politicians are actually counter-productive for society.

These people are responsible for decisions affecting literally everyone. The very last thing we want is someone ignorant holding such a powerful position. Believing that politicians needs to be ignorant (or that being knowledgeable isn't required) in order to correctly represent the masses is simply retarded. Such people can only make ignorant decisions and if we take a second to look at the world around us, this is clearly what is currently happening most of the time.

I'd expect anyone responsible of something to be one of the most knowledgeable person about it. There's a difference between understanding your users and having no perspective and skills whatsoever. They should be educating the public about best practices, not be clueless about them. Clueless politicians like her aren't only part of the problem, they're the actual problem.