Fairwell InMobi - Hello Telefónica!

Sixteen months ago, I climbed a rattly staircase behind a restaurant to a fairly typical "start-up loft". My first taste of InMobi. I was enthralled! I've spent the last year driving the developer relationship process in the company, watching as we've grown from 15 people in a small room to 70 people in swanky London offices on the Strand.

InMobi has sent me all over the world - South Africa, San Francisco, Romania, Barcelona, Bangalore, Cologne, and Bath!

It has been an amazing adventure, working with some incredibly talented people. I've been challenged and stretched, I've presented in front of hundreds of people, launched the first RCS-e enabled adverts, started up blogs, wikis, and forums, and - most importantly - helped developers make money from their apps.

It's been a very busy year-and-a-bit! So now it's time for a change! Come August, I'll be beavering away in O2's The Lab. I've been consistently impressed with the way Telefónica has been innovating - and the presentations from their geeks at events have been phenomenal.

I'll be working on new and interesting products which take advantage of Telefónica's network. No, I can't help you if your iPhone is broken.

No doubt it will be strange moving from a start-up to a behemoth. And it will be odd driving round the M25 rather than suffering South West Trains every day. But I'm looking forward to a brand new set of challenges, meeting new colleagues, working with old friends, and a chance to get my hands dirty!

As ever, this blog remains personal - but please adjust your bias filters appropriately.

3 thoughts on “Fairwell InMobi - Hello Telefónica!

  1. Shubha says:

    And as I said earlier, you will be missed. Dearly so. Have fun at Telefonica! 🙂

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