It's all gone a bit "Night Of The Living Technocrat" around here; there's something very odd about this conversation, its timings and responses. Asides myself and Oli (who clearly agree) nobody seems to have any interest in the subject at hand. It's all so meta that there's no content.

The post is based on a false premise, that blocking TPB is censorship, but censorship is when you stop free speech or communication, and that's not what the block does (Terence is free to communicate anywhere, except on servers whose primary function is to help distribute illegal material, where communication can become collateral damage). His argument regarding politics and Dan Bull is akin to the people that said "what about all the legal stuff on Megaupload?" or the classic "what about all the good things Hitler did?".

Terence has done little to engage the discussion, answer any of the relevant points or explain his position. As such, I can only assume this is because he uses TPB for stealing the work of others himself, has lied on this thread and got some mates in to try (unsuccessfully) to distract from that.

Which is all most unfortunate, and makes me think less of him. Be seeing you. 🙂