"The Pirate Bay is a digital library. Possibly the greatest library humanity has ever had in terms of content"

No it isn't, as the guy said above, none of the content is stored on the site (only the magnet links, etc); closing TPB doesn't effect the content at all (asides the forums, which an afternoons LibCURL could fix).

"This is a digital book burning."

Again, completely untrue, for the same reasons. I'm surprised how few people commenting on TPB have the first clue as to what it actually is.

"Librarians have been fighting off content authors with malicious intent for years"

Seriously? My mate's a librarian, she seems to spend her time organising authors for reading/signing session, or fighting to stay open, not fighting off malicious content owners. Authors have fought to keep libraries open. Clearly libraries are different around your way.

A lot of replies from folk that seem to think the sign on the door is the problem, not the fact that the Pirate Bay is one of the most illiberal and repressive organisation the internet has come up with, taking the rights and work of millions of normal working people and making a mockery of them.

I think there should be a new error code, I don't care what it is, because it doesn't really matter to me. Terence didn't start this campaign when they started blocking child porn sites. Hopefully that's because he doesn't frequent those sites; I'd suggest the same applies here. This only matters to you if you use TPB, and you only use TPB if you're thieving stuff or genuinely enjoy chatting to 14 year old northern European boys about why everything should be free. Terence says it also has Dan Bull and politics, but I doubt that's a big draw (his name isn't in Dan's video of people that paid).

Whatever code is chosen, I probably won't be seeing it, it's a problem pirates and child porn fanatics are going to have, and I have little sympathy for either.

Another day, no real answers to any of the questions here, but a lot of suggestions about a 3 digit HTTP error code. My personal vote goes to 321, with a megaupload.com styled FBI graphic but surrounded by flowers and a picture of Ted Rogers & Dusty Bin.