Wow... that's... ok.


TPB evidently does have depths. It's used as a message board, hosts censored documents and, in several countries, has a strong political following.

Fascism is the subservience of the state to commerce (among many other factors). Look at the intense money and lobbying behind DEAct and SOPA.

You are confused when it comes to freedoms. I am not trying to cripple the economy - nor prevent anyone from making a living.

With regard to the artistic merits of Dan Bull (or any of the hundreds of other artists promoting their work on TPB, YouTube, or MegaUpload) - it's hardly worse than TOWIE, is it? That's not much of an argument.

Finally, take a look at the continual drone warfare, the conservative politicians who want to reverse decades of reproductive health gains, the protests on our streets, the privatisation of the police and NHS.

That, to me, looks like creeping fascism.