"governments who fear what they cannot understand."

Sorry, what isn't understood? Is there some depth to TPB we're missing?

Firstly, you're suggesting that blocking access to TPB is a slippery slope that may lead to blocking the BBC News. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? It's as churlish as trying to tie it to political censorship. As Oli offered you so politely, you're trying to equate an activity that costs the country money and art with fascism - but what of your own fascist beliefs?

It's you, not the State, that wants to limit peoples personal freedoms, by allowing sites that damages the economy, artists, developers, designers and other content creators careers. If there's any slippery slope here it's to Freesville, where only huge multinationals profit from the work of the individual creator. Your position on copyright seems to be a lot closer to that of China and Iran's than the UK defending copyright holders - you should consider that before you start rolling down slippery slopes.

"Even though there are artists and developers using The Pirate Bay for promoting their work (such as Dan Bull) the whole site is now considered illegal."

That is the most bizzare defence of the Pirate Bay I've ever seen; your argument is as credible as Dan Bull is a rapper, and actually delivers good proof of the antithesis. Dan Bull is a shield to say "hey, we know people use this facility to rob the work of others, but we help real artists, like this talentless rapper chap". Why aren't there any real MC's on this site? Because talented people need to get paid for their work - not robbed; because talent takes time and time takes money. If we allow TPB instead of DOOM or Chuck D we'll wind up with poorly developed trash like Dan Bull. HAVE YOU SEEN HIS LYRICS? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR KIDS?! You may want a world full of lightweight talentless nonsense; I'd rather the professionals were given a chance to develop and get fairly paid for their work.

If it weren't for music, I, and many others I've met, would probably of had a life of crime. If you want to put your rights to take over my rights to make then we've got a problem - if we all join your game then there will be nothing of any worth to take.

"How much of a site has to be illegal before it’s banned?"

Isn't 99.9% enough for you? How about 99.9% and a Dan Bull?

"I honestly believe that this is how it starts"

Yes, Fahrenheit 451 is just around the corner. Your beliefs are as justified and true as that of any religious zealot, and you've made that perfectly clear on this page. OTOH, your sincerity is sadly not in doubt.